Professor Gregory E. Maggs
The George Washington University Law School


PLEASE NOTE: Many of these videos are now available on YouTube at the Gregory Maggs YouTube Channel.

Click on the links below to see short videos reviewing the subjects covered in my Contracts I, Contracts II, and Commercial Paper--Payment Systems courses. Everyone has permission to view them. Please note that I made these videos several years ago. Some of my references to casebooks are out-of-date because the casebooks have changed. You may find copies of my syllabi, past examinations, and grading guides for my past examinations at the main page of my website.

    CONTRACTS I            
I.   Bases for Enforcement   c1-review-1.wmv   29.5M   (10 mins, 42 secs)
II.   Offer and Acceptance   c1-review-2.wmv   33.0M   (12 mins, 39 secs)
III.   Statutes for Frauds   c1-review-3.wmv   13.3M   (5 mins, 36 secs)
IV.   Status, Inducement, and Substance   c1-review-4.wmv   36.1M   (14 mins, 4 secs)
V.   Remedies   c1-review-5.wmv   24.8M   (10 mins, 43 secs)
    Collection of slides in these videos   c1-slides.htm        
    CONTRACTS II            
I.   Contract Interpretation   c2-review-1.wmv   33.7M   (11 mins, 53 secs)
II.   Performance and Breach   c2-review-2.wmv   28.4M   (10 mins, 37 secs)
III.   Who Can Enforce   c2-review-3.wmv   10.8M   (4 mins, 9 secs)
IV.   Scope of U.C.C. Art. 2   c2-review-4.wmv   17.9M   (7 mins, 5 secs)
V.   Art. 2 Basic Concepts   c2-review-5.wmv   18.8M   (10 mins, 43 secs)
VI.   Art. 2 Offer and Acceptance   c2-review-6.wmv   42.6M   (17 mins, 52 secs)
VII.   Art. 2 Seller's Remedies   c2-review-7.wmv   29.1M   (13 mins, 3 secs)
VIII.   Art. 2 Buyer's Remedies   c2-review-8.wmv   33.6M   (14 mins, 55 secs)
IX.   Art. 2 Receipt, Inspection, and Warranties   c2-review-9.wmv   40.0M   (17 mins, 42 secs)
    Professor Mixup's Special Guest Lecture   c2-mixup.wmv   35.6M   (23 mins, 58 secs)
    Collection of slides in these videos   c2-slides.htm        
I.   Enforcement and Recovery of Negotiable Instruments   cp-review-1.wmv   33.3M   (15 mins,37 secs)
II.   Liability of Parties on Checks and Notes   cp-review-2.wmv   33.3M   (19 mins, 30 secs)
III.   Check Collection System   cp-review-3.wmv   27.7M   (14 mins, 32 secs)
IV.   Forged Signatures on Checks   cp-review-4.wmv   42.5M   (19 mins, 28 secs)
V.   Funds Transfers   cp-review-5.wmv   18.4M   (10 mins, 43 secs)
VI.   Credit Cards   cp-review-6.wmv   13.0M   (7 mins, 41 secs)
VII.   Letters of Credit   cp-review-7.wmv   9.3M   (5 mins, 18 secs)
    Collection of slides in these videos   cp-slides.htm        

Updated October 12, 2010